"3rd Small And Medium Industries Exhibition In the south of Iran"

2021-11-09 16:00:00

3rd Small And Medium Industries Exhibition In the south of Iran ( SMEX - 2021 )

In the south of Iran

There is nothing more reassuring than face-to-face trade, and there is no marketing and advertising more influential than fairs. Fairs of the capabilities of SMEs can serve as one of the fastest and most effective ways for the growth of trade in SMEs. In this kind of atmosphere, you can conduct face-to-face negotiations with your target audiences, implement your direct selling and simultaneously promote the situation of your brand, and introduce your new products or services. According to a short and precise definition, a trade fair can be called ‘live advertising and marketing’ because some factors such as producers, distributors, consumers, and related products and services gather simultaneously and in a suitable and specific place. Since every fair is a place to communicate with potential customers, SME fairs can be introduced to complement the production sector and dynamic sector. This valuable fair is a unique economic situation that can produce the best results by organized and planned activities. Choosing an appropriate fair as an assured investment requires collecting comprehensive information about that fair…

The words of the executive director

We look at the 3rd South SME fair more than a trade fair; Fars International Fairs Company has the most significant fair site in the south of Iran, Rooydadsazan Tosee Company as a full-service company and the founder of the new generation of event management in Fars Province has expert and professional teams in different fields. These two companies try to provide Fars Industrial Estates Company and Iran Small Industries and Industrial Parks Organization with direct support and cover all necessary services to hold this event uniquely and use the most modern technologies in the event industry to satisfy visitors (specialized audiences) and participators (Fairs). One of the factors that affect mobility in the sustainable development route in Fair SME Fair is managing the technical events in this field in an entirely practical and targeted way. Considering the specialized dimension, managing this event is an effort to improve the desire to search and explore in the targeted community of audiences in the industry sector and different economic enterprises to get information of new products in SMEs. Moreover, this specialized event helps with the accumulation of experiences, direct and face-to-face communication between researchers, experts, and those who are active in the related field inside and outside the Islamic Republic of Iran, and with opening new fields for collective activities. Our goal is to raise the awareness level of specialized audiences of this event and to achieve the intended purposes, such as the development of domestic and international trade interactions and manufacturing prosperity. We use all our great capacities, potentials, and abilities and rely on the event engineering knowledge to find the most effective way to hold this event with a development-oriented and transformational approach in the sector of SMEs.


Hossein Dashti

.Managing director of Rooydadsazan Tosee Co

Fair activity field

Metal and machinery industries – automobile parts, motive force, and transportation equipment manufacturing industries

 Electricity, electronics, telecommunications, and computer industries

Paper and cardboard industries – printing and packaging industries

Textile, clothing, leather, bag, and shoe industries

Chemical industries – oil, gas, and petroleum industries

Nonmetallic and construction minerals industries (building materials and equipment industries)

Medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, hygiene, and detergent industries

Wood, Furniture and wood products industries

Food, drink, and agricultural conversion industries

Plastic and rubber industries

Regional range of participation in and a visit to the Fair



Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad



Sistan and Balochistan

Main and essential aims to hold the SME fair

  • Producing prosperity, market development, and raising the level of branding in SMEs
  • Laying a foundation to support Iranian products and cultural dissemination of using domestic goods instead of similar foreign goods
  • Dissemination of new technologies and achievements of SMEs
  • Effective job creation in the sector of SMEs
  • Investment growth in the sector of SMEs
  • Expansion of scientific, technological, and economic cooperation
  • Exchange of information and applied research in different fields and laying a foundation for innovation and creativity in production
  • Helping the development in the sector of SMEs
  • Creating numerous opportunities to optimize production and sales sectors in SMEs
  • Real market measurement and surveys and encouraging the producers to get more familiar with consumer tastes
  • Effective familiarization of target community and government with the capabilities and existing difficult situations in the sector of SMEs
  • Goal-oriented and effective competition to promote the quality level of products
  • Laying a foundation for live and direct advertising and marketing and reducing the costs of advertising, marketing, and trades

The advantages of the fair of capabilities of SMEs for the professional visitors

  • Getting familiar with a wide range of products of SMEs
  • Possibility of comparison between different types of products
  • Choosing the most efficient product which is suitable considering the need and existing budget
  • Direct contact with the producers and mentioning the needs
  • Getting comprehensive information in the shortest possible time and saving time and energy
  • Finding opportunities for productive investments
  • Finding new job opportunities
  • Discovering new ideas for business development
  • Possibility of interaction and consultation with experts and professionals
  • Participating in specialized secondary workshops
  • Updating the technical knowledge and getting familiar with modern technologies and achievements of the related field
  • Raising awareness about how to use products
  • Possibility of direct negotiations with the managers of key companies in the SMEs

The advantages of South SME fair (industrial manufacturing units)

  • Extensive introduction of the capabilities and products and optimal identification of target groups
  • Making direct communication with the actual target community and possible customers and knowing their needs
  • Knowing competitors and getting familiar with their services, products, and programs
  • Introducing new products and services and developing markets for them, and taking new trade opportunities
  • Opportunities to attract investors and develop the participants’ activities
  • Communication with the suppliers of raw materials and intended equipment and providers of necessity services
  • Knowing the general situation of the market (market measurement) and the possibility of planning based on it
  • Interaction with counterpart companies for outsourcing or shared activities
  • Updating the technical knowledge and getting familiar with new achievements in the related field and exchanging information and applied research
  • Opportunities to discover talents and attract new graduates and experts
  • Multiple advertising opportunities
  • Participating in applied specialized meetings and/or holding special seminars and workshops
  • Identifying and determining product sales representatives and/or peers to provide services
  • Gaining fame and getting credit from current customers, and consolidating company position in the market
  • Making leaps in the company branding activities or raising the brand level
  • Considerable increase in supply and demand in the related field that leads to the market prosperity
  • Development of domestic sales and discovering new markets
  • Development of exports and discovering international markets
  • Entering into B2B trade negotiations and making multiple contracts


Fair hall plans


Special programs

برنامه های ویژه نمایشگاه
  1. Holding specialized meetings
  2. Holding training workshops for the development of domestic and foreign markets
  3. The managers of Iran Small Industries and Industrial Parks Organization and Trade Promotion Organization of Iran will pay a special visit to the fair
  4. The presence of domestic and foreign trade boards and the exceptional utilization

Professional visitors

  1. Society of technical, production, service and trade guilds
  2. Cooperative companies meeting the needs of producers and consumers
  3. Industrialists, miners, and merchants
  4. Doctors, pharmacists, and health experts
  5. The active in the field of building and roads and urban development industry (engineers, master workmen, sellers of building materials, contractors and mass constructors, and mass housing builders)
  6. The active in the field of the agriculture industry and natural resources (engineers, farmers, livestock owners, greenhouse owners, and orchardmen)
  7. The active in the field of the food industry (restaurant owners, fast food restaurant owners, supermarket owners, distributors, and wholesalers)
  8. The active in the field of electricity industry (engineers, contractors, sellers of electrical supplies)
  9. The active in the field of automobile and motive force industry (agency representatives, sellers of spare parts and decorative accessories, repairmen)
  10. The active in the field of the clothing industry (sellers, tailors, and distributors)
  11. The active in the field of household and office supplies and equipment industry (sellers, manufacturers, repairmen, and distributors)

Official delegations for the opening ceremony

  • Fars Governor
  • Head of Trade Promotion Organization of Iran
  • Deputy Coordinator of Economic Affairs of Fars governorate
  • Director-General of Coordinating Office of Economic Affairs of Fars Governorate
  • Head of Iran Small Industries and Industrial Parks Organization
  • Deputy Director of Iran Small Industries and Industrial Parks Organization
  • Head of Industry, Mine and Trade Organization of Fars Province
  • Director-General of Cooperatives, labor and social welfare Organization of Fars Province
  • Director-General of Customs of Fars Province
  • Managing Director of Fars Industrial Estates Company
  • Managing Director of Shiraz Special Economic Zone
  • Fars Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture
  • Head of Industry, Mine and Trade House of Fars Province
  • Head of Fars Industrial Managers’ Association
  • Head of the Chamber of Guilds of the Center of Fars Province

Official guests (currently under consultation)

  • Head of Iran-Russia Joint Chamber of Commerce and Russian ambassador in Iran
  • Head of Iran-Iraq Joint Chamber of Commerce and Iraqi ambassador in Iran
  • Head of Iran-Syria Joint Chamber of Commerce and Syrian ambassador in Iran
  • Head of Iran-Oman Joint chamber of commerce and Omani ambassador in Iran
  • Head of Iran-Qatar Joint Chamber of Commerce and Qatari ambassador in Iran
  • Head of Iran-Tajikistan Joint Chamber of Commerce and Tajik ambassador in Iran
  • Head of Iran-Turkmenistan Joint Chamber of Commerce and Turkmen ambassador in Iran
  • Head of Iran-Azerbaijan Joint Chamber of Commerce and Azerbaijani ambassador in Iran
  • Head of Iran-Armenia Joint Chamber of Commerce and Armenian ambassador in Iran
  • Head of Iran-Afghanistan Joint Chamber of Commerce and Afghan ambassador in Iran
  • Head of Iran-Kazakhstan Joint Chamber of Commerce and Kazakhstani ambassador in Iran
  • Head of Iran-China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Chinese ambassador in Iran

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